West Beach: The Best Private Beach in Dubai

Picture this: You’re on a nice walk on the beach. Your best friend, a beloved pet, or favourite celebrity accompanies you. Each moment feels like bliss with the pristine, vast stretches of golden sand, the soothing sound of ocean waves, and the pleasant sea breeze. You take a deep breath and look away from the sea to see a lovely yoga session. What could make this any better? The fact that it’s closer than you think. Introducing the best private beach in Dubai : West Beach - Palm Jumeirah's iconic private beach.

With the gorgeous backdrop of the Persian Gulf, you can fully unwind and relax. Read on for an in-depth view of West Beach and all it has to offer.

The Palm’s Treasure

Palm Jumeirah's iconic private beach

On the trunk of Dubai's Palm Jumeirah, you'll find West Beach. Open from 8 AM to 10 PM; you can spend the day with friends and family doing all sorts of activities! West Beach is the ideal destination for people of all kinds.

For The Pet Lovers

Do you have a dog and have to choose between your pet and the beach? West Beach is one of the most popular dog friendly beaches in Dubai! You can ensure a fun day of soaking up the sun and positive energy at the golden shore with all of your loved ones.

For The Adrenaline Junkies

For a day of energy and fun, West Beach also hosts a variety of adventure water sports. Choose from kayaking, stand-up paddling, pedal boats, etc., to enjoy the tranquil waters of the ocean.

For The Book Lovers

You can even read your preferred book while sunbathing. With the late afternoon sun, warm waves, and your body suit, dip in and loosen up in the infinitely stretching waters. Let your body spread out in the eternal ocean and enjoy the enormity of the sea.

For Those in Love

Enjoying a Dubai sunset on the beach is the ideal way to round off a long day spent at West Beach. In fact, it can even be the kickoff for a romantic evening. To complement your romantic moments, various bars and restaurants have spectacular events and shows waiting for you.

For The Foodies

With the hottest choice of restaurants available at West Beach, you can stretch out on sun loungers, chill out on cosy bean bags, or enjoy a lounge area on the terrace for a delightful meal. Choose from a range of hot and cold drinks, a beer, or a fruit punch, all of which are served with delectable appetisers.

With the breathtaking view from the best private beach in Dubai, dining at seaside establishments can be one of the most memorable parts of your vacation.

The ultimate new beach day and dining hotspot, with Hammers Beach House, FIVE Palm Jumeirah, Aprons, Koko Bay and more, provides tourists with stunning views of the Dubai Marina cityscape and the ocean.

night view from a private beach in dubai

For The Night Owls

Did you know that West Beach at night is just as gorgeous as during the day? You can safely navigate the shoreline with a stunning tree-lined promenade with 300 palm trees illuminating the walking and running track.

For Special Occasions

The distinctive setting at the beachfront would be a terrific choice for your next luxury cocktail party, a wedding celebration, a barbeque with friends and family, a corporate dinner, an awards ceremony, etc. You can pocket a lifetime of memories of love and laughter over the finest delicacies served at these beaches. With this beautifully designed ecosystem, they are considered some of the best beaches in Dubai.

zaya nurai island view

Your New Favourite Private Beach in Dubai

No matter how to spend your day here, West Beach will provide you with a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city, a soothing experience in the calmest waters, and the supreme beauty of breathtaking sunsets. You can lie on the soft beach sand and enjoy the serenity. And yes, we mean serenity. It is difficult for large crowds to swarm to this private beach in Dubai, making it an ideal, peaceful destination.

The best dining options in the city, a variety of water sports like kayaking, virtual reality diving, stand-up paddle boarding, electric hydrofoil surfing, and more, as well as breath-taking views of the Dubai skyline, can all be found at West Beach, the ultimate all-day beachside destination.

private pool view from a private beach n dubai

About The Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah is a spectacular man-made archipelago constructed as a part of the Palm Islands in the United Arab Emirates. It is built like a palm tree, which spreads across 78 kilometres of the Jumeirah shoreline. The Palm's 7 million square metres of coverage and 6.5-kilometre extension into the Arabian Gulf effectively doubled the length of Dubai's beachfront.

Palm Jumeirah creates a magical setting for its visitors with its tranquil beaches, opulent resorts, and sumptuous restaurants. The island's trunk is home to low-rise apartments, and the sixteen fronds are made up of villas. Additionally, the island also hosts many private beaches, marinas, restaurants, cafés, and shopping establishments.

Head to West Beach, the best private beach in Dubai, today for a luxurious experience. West Beach will be your new ideal place to soak, sip, swim, eat and unwind.

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