Imagine this: you’ve finally made it to the beach in Dubai, and you're ready for a day of relaxation and fun! You reach into your bag for a bottle of sun cream only to realize you've forgotten it at home. Things like that can put such a damper on a great beach day. To help you avoid such mishaps, we’ve compiled a list of must-have beach essentials for both kids and adults. This guide ensures you're well-prepared for an unforgettable beach day.


Sun cream, hats, and sunglasses. Why It’s Essential: The sun may feel good on your skin, but too much exposure can lead to sunburns or worse. Always pack a high-SPF sun cream to protect yourself. Reapply every two hours for optimal protection. For Kids: Children’s skin is more sensitive to the sun. Opt for a sun cream for kids, and consider easy-to-apply formats like sticks or sprays. Make it a fun activity by letting them help with applying it.


Reusable water bottles. Why It’s Essential: Dehydration can sneak up on you, especially in the heat. Always bring enough water to last through the day. Consider freezing a bottle overnight to keep cold water for the whole day. For Kids: Make drinking water more fun for kids by packing juice boxes or flavored water. You can also use colorful straws or ice cubes in fun shapes to encourage them to stay hydrated.


Pre-packaged snacks, fruits, and sandwiches. Why It’s Essential: Hunger can strike when you least expect it. Stay prepared by having a variety of snacks packed. Opt for snacks that won't melt or spoil in the heat. For Kids: Healthy snacks like apple slices or baby carrots are perfect for kids. They're nutritious and easy to eat on the go. Pack them in small, easy-to-open containers to encourage independent snacking. For adults trying to avoid unhealthy snacks, this is also a fantastic alternative to chips and other junk food.


Frisbees, beach balls, and paddleboards. Why It's Essential: A day at the beach isn't complete without fun and games. Items like frisbees and beach balls are easy to pack and provide tons of entertainment. They're also great for making new friends on the beach. For Kids: Sandcastle-building kits can keep children (or those young at heart) engaged for hours. It's a fun and creative way to enjoy the beach. Plus, it's a great photo opportunity for parents.


Beach chairs, blankets, and umbrellas. Why It's Essential: Comfort is crucial for a full day at the beach. Chairs and blankets provide a cozy spot to relax. An umbrella can offer much-needed shade during peak sun hours. For Kids: Bring their favorite beach toys or floaties to make them feel at home. A small inflatable pool can also serve as a safe play area for toddlers.


A sturdy beach bag. Why It's Essential: A good beach bag is like your beach day command center. It holds all your essentials and should be easy to carry. Look for bags with multiple compartments for better organization. For Kids: Let them have their own mini beach bag. It's a fun way to teach them responsibility. Fill it with their snacks, toys, and a small towel.


Extra swimwear and cover-ups. Why It's Essential: Whether it's an unexpected wave or a spilled drink, having an extra set of swimwear can be a lifesaver. Cover-ups are great when you need to step away from the beach for a meal or shopping. For Kids: Always pack extra clothes and swim nappies for the little ones. A wet bag for storing damp clothes can also come in handy.


Basic first aid supplies. Why It's Essential: Minor injuries can happen. A basic first aid kit ensures you're prepared for small emergencies. Include items like antiseptics, plasters, and pain relievers. For Kids: Include child-friendly antiseptics and plasters in your kit. A few stickers or small toys can serve as distractions during minor treatments.


Waterproof phone case, portable charger. Why It's Essential: Capturing memories is part of the fun, and you’ll need your phone for that. A waterproof case and portable charger are must-haves. Don’t forget to bring a selfie stick for those group photos. For Kids: Consider giving older kids a smaller, waterproof camera. It's a fun way for them to document their beach adventures. Plus, it keeps their hands off your phone.


Biodegradable waste bags, reusable cutlery. Why It's Essential: Keeping the beach clean is everyone's responsibility. Always pack out what you bring in. Biodegradable bags are a great eco-friendly option. For Kids: Take the opportunity to teach your young ones about the importance of caring for the environment. Make a game out of collecting waste and getting rid of it properly.


Whether you're a beach newbie or a seasoned sandcastle builder, this beach essentials list is your go-to guide for a perfect day by the sea. When in the UAE, take advantage of the chance to experience all this and more at West Beach, the best beach in Dubai. From dining at amazing restaurants to riding e-bikes along the shore, it's a beach destination that offers something for everyone.