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Paddleboarding or Stand up paddling is a water sport that combines exercise, swimming, and sunbathing. How? You can tone up your body, get a golden tan, and beat the heat of summer while enjoying this water adventure sport. Stand Up paddling is hands down one of the best adventurous activities to partake in Dubai. Dubai has become a lucrative tourism hub, and tourists from around the globe visit this place throughout the year. Besides luxury shopaholics, Dubai attracts many adventurers craving an adrenaline rush. These water sports like paddle boarding, shark diving, sea diving, and parasailing bring a sense of frenzy to life. Therefore, people have added these adventurous sports to their bucket lists.

Top places to experience stand-up paddle boarding in Dubai

If you are travelling to Dubai and searching where to go for stand-up paddle boarding, you have landed on the right page. We have covered all the fun and enjoyable places where you can go for stand-up paddling with your friends and family.

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The Daily Barefoot

Paddle through the majestic, clear water at Palm Jumeirah and enjoy the soothing sun and surrounding views in action. Palm West Beach is an ideal destination for adventure seekers as this place offers a variety of watersports, including parasailing, Kayaking, and more. If you are not much into adventure, you can still enjoy the stunning views from the middle of the ocean in a Catamaran. Palm Jumeirah has something for everyone. Great food, vibes, with a pinch of adventure can make your vacation even better. Make your summer more exciting and fun with The Daily Barefoot SUP adventure. You don’t need to paddle board like a pro. The crew at the Daily Barefoot will help you with all your needs. You can even go Paddleboarding like a professional, escape the chaotic city, and indulge in a sparkling water experience. While paddling through the calm waters at Palm Jumeirah, you can discover the shades of Dubai you have never experienced.
Other energetic & entertaining activities:
- VR water experience
- Catamaran ride
- Kayaking
- Cycling on the promenade
- Yoga on the beach
Palm West Beach, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

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Sea You

Sea You is a water sports center in Dubai offering water sports gear and an unforgettable adventurous experience to its customers. It is a Dubai-based sports center but is an equipment distributor across the Middle East and beyond. Gliding along the waves can soothe your soul and mind. You will be so relaxed and refreshed at the end of your vacation. You can enjoy stand-up paddle boarding in Dubai from October to June. Apart from adults, even kids can also get to experience watersports. They also offer sailing lessons for kids and other group activities like Dragon boat rides and sea youth club. If you are looking for a stand board for rental or purchase, Sea You offers a variety of options. Enjoy a relaxing moment while paddle boarding alone or with the help of our crew at Sofitel. Get a chance to see Dubai's famous landmarks, attractions, and scenery. You have to maintain your balance when standing up while paddling.
Other activities you can partake in:
- Kayaking
- Windsurfing
- Dinghy & Catamaran Tours
- Dragon boat ride
- Sailboats
- SUP pilate and yoga sessions
Sofitel The Palm, East Crescent, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

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Ignite Water Sports

Tourists and locals prefer palm Jumeirah for water sports because it has the calmest water in Dubai. This shoreside establishment offers a wide range of activities as a one-stop shop for all Dubai water sports lovers. Whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned pro, renting equipment and signing up for classes is easy. Windsurfers and kitesurfers often take advantage of the wind during the afternoon when the wind picks up. So, stay updated on the wind forecasts whenever you go paddleboarding. The water at Palm Jumeirah is super flat, making it easier for first-timers and kids to try paddle boarding. You can book stand-up paddleboarding appointments from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM. You can rent a stand board and paddle in the water alone or take classes from certified instructors and get training like a pro. While you're in Dubai, try stand-up paddleboarding, flite boarding, or kayaking to enjoy the city's beautiful skyline and majestic waters.
Other energetic & entertaining activities:
- Kayak
- Yoga
- Stand boarding classes.
- Beach meditation
- Organize kid’s birthday parties
Riva Beach Club, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

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In Final Words

If you are searching for places to stand-up paddling in Dubai, there are many options available to you. It's your choice to select the right place at your convenience. We have covered some of the most beautiful ones that will add an unforgettable memory to your vacation in Dubai.

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